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Just follow the links below to find the hidden treasures (well, not quite hidden) has to offer (OK, down right in your face treasures). Try it, you'll like it. Trust me.

funmurphys the Blog - Updated continuously
In keeping up with the latest internet trends, we here at funmurphys have launched our own blog, filled with all the wit and wisdom you've come to expect from us. We hope you'll like it anyway.

Online Murphy Times - latest update 8/1/99
The online newsletter that launched an empire. You can read about all the latest adventures of the Murphy FamilyTM

Mr. Know-it-all - latest update 5/16/99
Our own resident expert, Mr. Know-it-all answers any and all questions you care to ask. If you don't like the answer, don't say we didn't warn you.

Stimulus and Response - latest update 6/12/01
A brief look at what's happening in our world.

A Whole Lot of Nothing - latest update 3/24/00
After the OJ trial, a juror was quoted as saying that the prosecution's case was "a whole lot of nothing". Here is where we present purported insights on a range of topics of interest to the Murphy NexusTM community. While we think we are making an exhaustive and cogent case for our viewpoint, we worry that you, are beloved readers, will feel that it is simply a whole lot of nothing.

Reviews - latest update 8/24/02
Are you one of those people who need to be told what to read and watch? Then you've come to the right place.

The Letter of the Week - latest update 3/23/02
The spotlight is on the letters we send out, not the ones you send in. Until the quality (and quantity) of yours picks up, that is.

Erin's Page - updated continously
Erin has her very own page!

Kyle's Page - latest update 8/28/04
Kyle has his very own page!

Dining out on travel stories - latest update 9/4/99
I've been around the world (no kidding). Now you can hear all the fabulous travel stories without any of the bad breath.

Tales From Beyond the Void - latest update 2/22/01
If you're asking yourself just what does "tales from beyond the void" mean, it means we think it is a lot catchier than "outside submissions". If you feel that you're ready for anything, then dive right in. Otherwise, dip a toe in and see how you like it.

The Photo Gallery - latest update 8/21/02
Our own collection of Photo's from the Murphy Nexus Empire. Feel free to send more.

The Comedy Page - latest update 4/22/01
Our own collection of some of the funny stuff that floats around the web.

Special Offers - latest update 4/26/01
We bring you special offers that are just too good to be true


Please feel free to send any questions, comments, or content to kevin right here at
Yes, that's right, I said content. If you have any desire to contribute to this site, please do. We'll take money, words, pictures, whatever you send. Just email me what you want included and tell me how you want it included and you too can be a published author. If you send me something we like, we will run it unattributed and let everyone think we did it here. If we don't like it, we'll simply put your name on it so you can get all the credit. We want to assimilate you into the Fun Murphys Empire!


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