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I must admit I do most of my heavy thinking during my 30 minute morning commute. In the evening, I am too tired and too busy thinking of what I'm going to do once I get home to do any mental heavy lifting. It's appropriate when you consider that Marcus Aurelius wrote his meditations while in the saddle fighting barbarians, which is what I consider driving 20 miles on highway 270 during rush hour . Since I can't write at the same time as I drive (although there are those on the road with me who give every indication that they are otherwise engaged while behind the wheel), I am forced to write my thoughts down as best as I can remember them here. Which makes this a kind of public personal common place book, I suppose. Anyway, the point of this part of the Nexus is to provide a serious forum for serious thoughts. Which is why it has taken so long to get up and running, as compared to the parts that are there just so I can be my natural smart alec self. And now, in the words of this century's greatest thinker, "Release the Hounds!"

On Science

Why Europe

The Perception of Racism

Reflections on Justice Blackmun

Reflections on the Rampage at Columbine High School

Clothes, SAT's, and Gender

On Criticism

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