This is a serious letter about serious stuff. I have to counterbalance all my fluff with something serious every now and then.

They called asking if I wanted it to run, but I had gone to a doctors appointment that day. They never did run it.

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Subject: Letter to the Editor

Now we know for certain that what was billed as Operation Desert Fox was really Operation Wag The Dog. When we bombed Iraq on the eve of the vote to impeach President Clinton we were told that the timing was unavoidable as we had to wait until the UN Inspectors' report was complete and we had to get the bombing over with before Ramadan so as not to offend Muslim's world wide.

Now this same president is bombing Yugoslavia during the time of Good Friday and Easter without nary a concern for Christian sentiment world wide. And since he set the deadline for the start, he could have easily waited until after Easter if he were truly concerned about religious sentiment. If we couldn't bomb Iraq for fear of offending religious sensibilities, how can we bomb Yugoslavia and ignore similar religious sensibilities?

The answer is obvious - Ramadan was only an excuse to bomb during the impeachment hearings. As we become mired in Kosovo, just remember that President Clinton uses foreign war to divert our attention from his problems at home.

Kevin Murphy

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