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Here at the Murphy NexusTM we felt the need to provide a forum so that our members could have all their impossible questions answered, a final arbiter for all disputes large and small, our own gnomon of fact. Mr. Know-it-all (not his real name) is a tireless researcher in the field of science, and a frequent contributor to the Journal of Scientific Endeavor. He has a half a dozen degrees in various fields of study and is a member in good standing of the select IPS (International Polymath Society). So, without any more embarrassing puffery, we give you the good Mister:

Third Installment: Posted 16 May 1999

Second Installment: Posted 6 May 1998

First Installment: Posted 20 October 1997

If you have any questions you would like to ask him, please email him at


and mention that you want to see the answer published in The Murphy NexusTM.

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