I'm sure you've heard of the Y2K bug problem by now. The night of December 31, 1999 these bugs are going to start hatching and eating computer components, thus destroying them and playing havoc with our modern, computerized life. But if you just buy our Murphco Y2K Bug PC MotelsTM, you'll have no problems with your own home computer.

Have you ever wondered why the government is so complacent about this problem? Well, wonder no longer, its because several years ago NASA was funded to come up with a solution and they developed the Y2K Bug Motels. But you can't buy them, because all the production will go to vital installations such as banks and power plants. But they did license Murphco to develop a smaller version, the Y2K Bug PC MotelsTM that are for use in home computers. So protect your home computer with the space age Y2K Bug PC MotelsTM that are available only from Murphco.

They are very easy to use. Just open the case, and put in one in each corner. When the bugs hatch out, they are lured by a NASA patented scent to the motel where they can check in, but they can't check out! They go to the motel to check in before they start eating! So save your machine and all your hard earned data with this simple, no mess method of keeping your computer safe. And don't think your virus program will provide any protection -- the Y2K bug is an insect and not a virus! Don't be without this protection, or your computer will be destroyed by Y2K bugs.

If you order before October 31, we'll throw in a bonus of special PC Diatomaceous Earth. This product, made from the shells of dead sea diatomotons, punctures the skin of soft skinned computer invaders and provides complete protection against worms, like the recent autoexec worm that ate hard drives all across America recently. Just sprinkle a handfull of PC Diatomaceous Earth inside your computer case, and say goodbye to computer worms causing you any problems. Because this solution is so simple, so easy, the MIS departments at leading companies have bought up the patents and won't allow us to sell it, so we can only give it to you as a bonus when you order our Y2K Bug PC MotelsTM.

Don't delay, order your three pack of Y2K Bug PC MotelsTM today for only $19.99, and get 1 pound of PC Diatomaceous Earth for free! Just place one Y2K Bug PC MotelTM in each corner of your computer case, and say goodbye to Y2K bug problems forever!

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