Long ago we decided to wait to go to Disneyworld until our children were old enough to appreciate it. A few years ago, we decided we would go in October to miss the heat and the crowds. When planning the trip, we decided to do a Disney Cruise as well. Boy, were those the right decisions. The kids loved it and will be able to remember their trip; the weather was perfect and the lines were short; we had a great time at the parks and on the cruise without burning out on either. This was our best family trip yet. Our most expensive one, too.

Leaving on a Jet Plane
Our Pals
A Mother and Daughter
A Father and Son
The Magic Kingdom
Two Kids and a Rodent
One Big Tree
Everyone Likes a Parade
Not Politically Correct
Beep Beep
Be It Ever So Humble
Little Boy, Big Ship
One Cool Dog
A Sand Castle And Its Architect
B'Bye Now

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