The Honeymoon Pictures

In honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary (May 14, mark it on your calenders and celebrate as appropriate) of Kevin and Carol Denise, we have pictures from the honeymoon. We have selected them not only for their good taste but their importance to geology, as the honeymoon took place in the Canadian Rockies. I pushed for a trip to a cold climate to encourage the sharing of body warmth and discourage sunburn and lethargy. I think it worked, and so did the thousands of Japanese who honeymooned right along with us.

Tulips and Young Love
Beautiful Lake Louise
A Walk in the Park
Our Own Chateau
Our Own Wing
A Non-Blushing Bride
A Mountain Man
A Glacier and the Woman Who Conquered It
A Canadian Rockie
A Wildlife
A Kiss
A Fond Farewell

We really enjoyed the trip, we hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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