I wrote this in my usual smart-alec way. Still, I think it's a good idea.

Weeks have passed and they haven't run it, so I guess they won't run it at all.

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Subject: Letter to the Editor

Based on polls, it would appear that the American public wants President Clinton to receive a Congressional censure for his deplorable behavior. But what form should this censure take? Harsh language? What can Congress say that Hillary hasn't already told him? Mocking language? What can Congress say that Jay and Dave haven't already used? Financial penalty? What penalty is so great that Hollywood friends and wealthy DNC donors can't make up? No, none of these constitute censure with teeth.

I say make the punishment fit the crime. Since the advocates of censure claim that he's done dreadful things, but nothing criminal mind you, he's simply been a very naughty boy, then I say he should receive a naughty boy penalty. No, I'm not talking about a time-out here, I'm mean an over the knee bare butt spanking. That's right, every Congressperson gets to take Bill Clinton across his or her knee and publicly, live on national TV, deliver a hand to butt spanking, the strength of which is left up to the congressperson. That would be a real censure, the kind we could all understand and would be appropriate to his misdeeds. Anything less is a poor joke.

Kevin Murphy

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