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The Letter of the Week

As a responsible media consumer, we advocate providing feedback to media content providers. Or in other words, we like to send letters to others, either gentle corrections or warm fuzzies for a job well done, as warranted. In this space we will reprint the letter with any reply received. While it would be nice to actually write a letter every week, economic conditions being what they are, don't count on it. The "Letter of the Week" simply has a better ring to it than the "Letter of Whenever".

To Jon CarrollLetters to the EditorTo Hither and Yon
Some TV IdeasI Insult VegatariansDear Word Detective
L.A. BlatherHillary Won't Leave BillDear Ask Marilyn
Carry-on MadnessFeminism Gets the WilleysDear National Review
European Sleep SystemN.E.A. Delendus EstDear Mugger
Hands Off AASeparation of Church & StateDear Cringeley
Opportunity KnocksThe Internet: No Different
It's For The ChildrenClinton: Closet Republican
SPAM QuizCampaign Finance Reform
Music & MedicineProper Censure of Clinton
A Negative ImageWag the Dog
Did We Win?
Intel Propaganda
My Grade of News Media
Florida Court Verdict
World Hunger
43 Million Not For Taliban

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