Glowing with my success on my previous letter to the Post, I dashed off a quick one in response to some history professors long op-ed piece about how he admired Hillary for standing by her man not because she thought he was faithful but for the good of the dynasty. He started it off by tracing the practice of marriage and concluding that since only recently did romantic love play apart, the old notion of marriage as joining families was superior to our modern expectation of an exclusive loving relationship. Of course by this way of thinking, our modern limited, representational government is inferior to the old style of rule by force. Anyway, I don't think they're going to print this one.

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Subject: Letter to the Editor

I love the utter predictability of the Post-Dispatch, leaping to the defense of Bill and Hillary. You don't need an adjunct professor (translation - not much pay but still you get to be called professor) to explain why Hillary stays with Bill in a long article on the history of marriage that mirrored the lyrics of Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to do With It" and concluded by admiring Ms. Clinton's courage and devotion to family. Let me tell you the real reason Hillary stays with Bill: naked self-interest. She can either stay with him, kick him in the balls and say "Now you feel my pain"; or she can leave him. Unfortunately for her, she can't kick him out of the house because while they are full partners, technically his was the half that was elected president. And if she leaves, that means no more First Lady, no more presiding over cabinet meetings, no more policy initiatives, no more interviews on "Today", no more doing good on the big stage of America. All those years in Arkansas wasted. Frankly, why should she leave him? Furtive liaisons with the hired help in no way undermine their relationship nor diminish her stature either within or without the White House -- if anything, they enhance it in many circles as she is the good wife who continues to fight the good fight, who can overlook a personal flaw in an otherwise wonderful husband. Personally, I think they have a great marriage - both are full of talent and ambition, and they share a great love -- a great love of power that is. The only thing they lack is principles. No, the only question is whether or not she will leave him after his presidency is over. I don't think she will because, to borrow from Benjamin Franklin, if they don't hang together, they'll hang separately.

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